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  1. Personal Data Protection Act 2010 Notice

    INTEGRATED PETROLEUM SERVICES SDN. BHD (“the Company” or “we” or “us”) respects and is committed to the protection of your personal data and privacy. This privacy notice (“Notice”) is issued pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“Act”). It sets out, for your better understanding, the type of data, reasons and purposes of personal data collection by the Company as well as the Company’s commitment to ensure that your data is securely processed and kept.

  2. Nature of Personal Data We Collect and Process

    The personal data that we collect and process in relation to you may include but shall not be limited to the following:

    Name; copies and other details of your identity documents and proof of identification (for example, NRIC number, passport number, driver’s license, photograph etc); proof of address and other contact details (for example, telephone number, mobile number, facsimile number, email addresses, utility bills etc); EPF details, SOCSO details, income tax details, employment details and history including details of present and past income; bank account details; credit card details; car registration details; marital status; gender; nationality; spouse(s)’s and children’s details; details of family members and relatives and how they are related to you; personal interests, hobbies; skills, languages, education or other related qualifications, achievements; ethnic origin, details of referees; directorship in companies; shareholdings in companies, solvency, financial status, involvement in legal proceedings and details of such proceedings, and all other related information necessary or incidental to our relationship with you and the Company’s business.

    The above description of personal data is merely a general description of the various types of personal data that we collect and process. Depending on the nature of business, relationship and circumstances, we may only need to collect and process a more limited form of personal data from certain persons. In other situations, there may be a need to collect more personal data from you. We do not believe in collecting excessive personal data and what we collect are the essentials that are required to ensure efficacy of business and services we provide.

    You may choose whether or not to provide your personal data to us, including sensitive personal data. Sensitive personal data may include matters such as physical or mental health or medical condition, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, and commission or alleged commission of any offence.

  3. Failure to Provide Personal Data

    Please do understand that it is important for you to provide the necessary personal data as requested. The failure to supply your personal data or the withdrawal of consent by you may result in us unable to continue to provide you with the services requested, or it may also affect our ability to effect the necessary processes relating to the provision of our services.

  4. Source of Personal Data

    We collect your Personal Data through various sources. Generally, the personal data that we collect comes directly from you. For instance when you apply for a job or enter into an employment relationship or business relationship/transactions with us.

    Besides information provided by you, the Company may obtain personal data on you from third parties we deal with or who are connected with you and from such other sources where you have given your consent for the disclosure of information relating to you, and/or where otherwise lawfully permitted or from other lawful sources.

  5. Purpose of Collecting and Processing Personal Data

    The personal data you provide will be collected, held on computer and/or in manual files, used, disclosed and otherwise processed by the Company and/or the Group for various legitimate purposes, including:

    1. For or in connection with the conduct of the business of the Company and provision of its services, including processing what is necessary/incidental to the carrying out of its business;

    2. Complying with any legal, regulatory or statutory requirements, and to make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, legislation, direction, court order, government or quasi–government or regulatory authorities, guideline, circular, code applicable to us;

    3. Human resources and personnel management, including evaluation, management and administration of recruiting, employment and cessation of employment; calculation, determination and payment of compensation and benefits; calculation and payment of taxes and statutory contributions; career and talent development; performance evaluations; training; travel and expenses; leave; security and employee communication; litigation and defence of pertinent issues;

    4. Internal record keeping and internal management, including transfer of data to archive, and internal audits.

  6. Personal Data Integrity

    We will take all reasonable steps to make sure that the personal data collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete, not misleading and up-to-date.

    It is also important that you supply us with data that is accurate, complete, not misleading and kept up-to-date. You should notify us of any changes so that we may update our records accordingly. We will not be responsible for relying on inaccurate or incomplete personal data arising from you not updating us of any changes in your personal data that you had initially provided us with.

  7. Confidentiality and Disclosure of Personal Data

    Personal data provided to us will generally be kept confidential. However, in certain circumstances, it would be necessary for us and you hereby consent and authorise us to provide or disclose your personal data for the purposes stated above to the following categories of persons (whether within or outside Malaysia), and where we do so, we would merely disclose data that is necessary for the purpose of such disclosure:

    1. Entities with the IPS Group of Companies including all related companies, subsidiaries and associated companies;

    2. Departments within our Company including any of our officers or employees on a need-to-know basis;

    3. Anybody or person to whom the Company is compelled or required to do so under any laws or in response to any competent or government, state, local government, statutory or municipal authority, industry regulators, agency or body; law enforcement authorities;

    4. Our principals, business partners or associates, contractors, sub-contractors and/or third party service providers (such as auditors, lawyers, company secretaries, tax advisors, insurers, bankers, training organisers, telecommunication companies, cloud computing or data back-up service providers and other advisors);

    5. All other persons or entities who provide us with services necessary and/or incidental to our business.

    We may process your personal data including contacting you for the purposes stated herein via various modes of communication such as telephone calls, text messaging, emails, cross-platform mobile messaging applications, post or facsimile.

  8. Data Security and Safeguards

    1. We will take reasonable steps to implement appropriate administrative and security safeguards to prevent unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and the accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal data. However, we cannot assume responsibility for any unauthorised use of your personal data by third parties which are attributable to factors beyond our control.

    2. We will not keep personal data for longer than is necessary and will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal data.

  9. Data Transfer and sharing

    Where we consider it necessary or appropriate for the purposes of data storage or processing or providing any service on our behalf to you, we may transfer your personal data to another affiliate or entity under conditions of confidentiality and reasonable levels of security safeguards.

  10. Accessing and Updating your Personal Data

    1. Under the Act, you have a right of access to your personal data upon payment of a prescribed fee, and you may request that we correct any of your personal data which is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date unless compliance is refused under the Act. We will notify you of the reasons for not being able to accede to your request. We may also exercise our discretion in allowing the corrections requested and/or may require further documentary evidence of the new data to avoid fraud and inaccuracy.

    2. You may also withdraw your consent or request the Company cease processing your personal data and the personal data relating to other persons who may be identified from your personal data. However, please note that this may result in us not being able to properly perform or discharge our obligations to you.

    3. If you wish to request access to your personal data or correct your personal data or withdraw your consent or restrict the purposes in which we process your personal data, you may send your request in writing to the Senior Manager, Finance & Administration.

    4. Please note that notwithstanding the withdrawal of your consent, we may still process your personal data under circumstances permitted by law.

  11. Personal Data of third parties

    You hereby confirm that you have obtained the consent from the person(s) whose personal data may be given to us by you or identified from your personal data which may be processed by us for the purposes stated herein including disclosure to the parties stated herein.

  12. Your Consent

    By submitting your personal data, you consent to us processing/continuing to process your personal data as set out in this Notice.

  13. Language and Review

    This Notice is available in English and Bahasa Malaysia versions.

Please note that we may review and update this Notice from time to time to reflect changes in the law and business practices, and will notify you of such revisions via our website or by email.

Privacy Notice
Personal Data Protection Act
Version 1.0, April 2019.



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