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Chartering & Management of Drilling Rigs

IPS has close to 20 years of experience in the chartering and management of offshore drilling rigs and prides itself in representing both Seadrill and Stena Drilling exclusively in Malaysia.

Seadrill is a leading offshore deepwater drilling company and is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange as well as the Oslo Stock Exchange. Seadrill operates a versatile fleet of 68 units comprising drillships, jack-up rigs and semi-submersible rigs for operations in shallow to ultra-deepwater areas in harsh and benign environments.

Stena Drilling, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stena AB, is one of the world's foremost independent drilling contractors. Stena manages a global business, holding a portfolio of successful past and present operations in the North Sea, Far East Asia, Caribbean, South America, Australia, and West Africa. In expanding its fleet of well-maintained drilling units, the company has had an active role in building and converting rigs and, in so doing, pioneering some of the most leading-edge technologies and innovations in the drilling world.

IPS secured its first rig charter from Occidental Oil in 1997. Together with Stena Drilling, we successfully undertook the first “High Temperature and High Pressure” drilling program carried out in Malaysia using the Stena Clyde, a semi-submersible rig.

In 1998, IPS secured its second rig contract in Malaysia from ExxonMobil using the drillship, Energy Searcher which was owned by Northern Offshore A/S.

In 2007, IPS together with Seadrill secured its first two 5th Generation jack-up rig contracts in Malaysia with Exxon Mobil and Petrofac/PCPP.

In 2011, IPS successfully chartered the Stena Forth, the latest in the state of the art DP 3 drillship that is capable of drilling up to water depths of 10,000ft to support Murphy Oil’s deep water drilling programme.

Over the years, IPS has strived to provide the most versatile fleet of mobile offshore drilling units to the following clients like Petronas Carigali, Shell,Talisman, KBB JOC, Exxon Mobil, PCPP, Petrofac, Murphy Oil, Carigali Hess and Hess among others.






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