Chartering & Management of Offshore Support Vessels (including Liftboats)

IPS provides the following types of offshore support vessels :

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel/Anchor Handling Tug
  • Platform Supply Vessel/Straight Supply Vessel
  • Lift boat – for Construction Support/ Accommodation/Coiled-Tubing Drilling/Maintenance
  • Construction Support Vessel/ROV & Diving Support Vessel, including Subsea Construction
  • Transportation Barge/Flat Top Barge
  • Accommodation Work Barge/Accommodation Vessel including DP2 Semi-Submersible Accommodation Rig

IPS’s first venture into the Offshore Support Vessel business began in 2001, when it was awarded a contract to provide 2 large AHTS vessels by Murphy Sarawak Oil Co./Murphy Sabah Oil Co. Ltd to support its deepwater drilling programme. IPS was then a pioneer when we brought in North Sea design AHTS namely the Boa King, Boa Queen and Boa Hercules into the Malaysian waters.

As Murphy’s drilling operations expanded into deeper waters, these vessels were subsequently replaced by Solstad Offshore’s Normand Ivan and Normand Atlantic which were bigger and more sophisticated vessels.  Since then, IPS has established itself as a reliable and respectable market leader in the supply of large AHTS/PSV vessels to support the oil & gas industry in Malaysia. Working in tandem with ship-owners, the company has added to its management staff, qualified and well experienced marine personnel to support the needs of its customers in Malaysia and the Region.

The credibility established by IPS over the years has enabled the company to represent and work closely with several established international fleet owners namely Solstad Offshore, Deep Sea Supply, Swire Pacific Offshore, Maersk Supply Services and Farstad Shipping. This network has enabled the company to offer a wide range of support vessels such as AHTS, large and medium size PSV, SSV, Accommodation workboat, Flat top ballastable barges and AHT to the PSC Operators and major HUC and Service companies in Malaysia and the Region.

In 2009, the company had the opportunity to expand its operations to Turkmenistan to support the Petronas Carigali Turkmenistan Gas Development project in the Caspian Sea. This was IPS’ first contract outside of Malaysia. Working closely with an International ship-owner in the Caspian Sea, the company was able to provide 7 vessels consisting of 3 transportation tugs, 1 SSV, 2 barges and 1 AHTS.

In 2012, IPS through its subsidiary in Singapore secured its first contract in Myanmar by providing two 10800bhp AHTS to support MPRL’s offshore drilling operations.

In 2013, IPS had successfully introduced the services of a lift-boat to the Oil & Gas Industry in Malaysia. IPS secured a contract to supply a lift boat to Baker Hughes Inteq/Petronas Carigali to support their coiled-tubing drilling operations at Temana and D18 Oil Fields.




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