Performance Optimisation, World Class Safety Culture & Leadership Development Services

IPS partners with REACH to offer the following services to clients in the oil and gas industry:

Performance Optimisation

REACH is the leader in innovative performance improvement solutions customised to match your exact situation.  Proven methodologies ensure your team performs optimally in every operation by creating broad ownership for performance.  REACH identifies Operational Best Practices through data analysis and facilitates an accelerated learning curve ensuring success and sustainability of real results.

World Class Safety Culture

A sustainable World Class Safety Culture doesn’t just happen. It goes beyond mere compliance of the rules and regulations and engages your team to value and deliver safe performance. REACH does the heavy lifting while your team is made responsible for owning the culture long term. This focus results in greater competency, with a commitment to driving safe and efficient operations.

Leadership Development

REACH helps managers and supervisors become stronger leaders, raising the limits of their capabilities for improved teamwork, while positively impacting operations. Through a series of facilitated modules, your leaders will gain improved skills for decision making, cost control, up time and personnel retention while reducing incidents. These skills are aligned with corporate values and goals for enhanced leadership performance thereby improving your corporate culture.

As global leaders in performance implementation, we partner with teams in developing a sustainable performance culture. In this role, REACH positively impacts revenue and costs by engaging your entire team. We help companies reduce variance and achieve Operational Best Practice as quickly and efficiently as possible. REACH’s clients achieve a 15 to 35% savings and see an average Return On Investment (ROI) of 14:1.

REACH Corporate Capabilities Overview

REACH Leadership Development Overview

REACH Performance Optimisation Overview

REACH World Class Safety Culture Overview



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